What are we doing?

       Specialists of "TK-PROF" will conduct an independent audit of suppliers in Russia, China, India, Europe, which will assess the work of the plant and provide you with a photo report with comments in Russian.


Control of the overall and connecting dimensions specified in the design documentation on the valve is carried out with the help of a universal or special measuring tool.

The deviation of the measured dimensions shall not exceed the limits specified in the design documentation and the normative documentation adopted in your country.

Visual control

At visual control check of identification of fittings and accompanying (operational) and allowing (certificates, permissions for application, etc.) documentation is carried out.


The method of hydraulic and pneumatic tests - in accordance with the regulatory requirements or technological documents of the customer planning to operate the valves, and in their absence-the method of all rules and regulations adopted in your country. 


Results of all stages of control are recorded, the act with indication of types and types of tests, and also parameters of tests, the materials applied at carrying out a complex of works is made.

The control results of the act that records an agreed solution with the customer about the suitability of valves for shipment, rework, or reject product to the next revision or replacement.


                                 TK-PROF   invites to cooperation.

             Our company specializes in the following activities



        Audit Of Enterprises

        Specialists of "TK-PROF" will conduct an independent audit of suppliers in Russia, China, India, Europe, which will evaluate the work of the plant and provide you with a photo report with comments in Russian. Based on the data obtained from the manufacturer's audit, you will be able to make a decision on further cooperation with a partner.



        Product inspection before shipment

        Product inspection is carried out when the goods are inspected for 80-100% and ready for shipment. For successful customs clearance, all goods must be Packed, marked, the actual information about the goods must match the accompanying documents. Each piece of cargo must be marked in accordance with the requirements of the contract and accompanying documentation. When loading the container, it is important to monitor the placement of goods in it to protect the goods from damage during transportation. Our experts will do everything to ensure that your goods safely reached the place of receipt.



         Inspection during production

         Inspection during production is a check of goods at the stage of readiness for 20-80% of the total batch of ordered goods. The inspector goes to the supplier's company and makes a detailed report on the condition of the goods during production. At this stage of inspection, the percentage of defects, the volume of goods that need to be manufactured in addition and the total percentage of readiness of the goods at the production stages can be identified. During the inspection, the actual term of the order readiness for the production stages is determined.


         Production control

         Production control is the verification of the goods produced at all stages of production. Our inspector will check the production process daily or once a week (at the discretion of the customer) and provide a detailed report in Russian. You will be able to make your own adjustments and give recommendations to the plant during the production of goods.

       The inspector controls:

  • quality of casting, completeness and Assembly of products in accordance with the supply contract;

  • carrying out acceptance tests and acceptance inspection;

  • matching the material grade of the body parts and plunger parts to the specific order and actual melting;

  • compliance of product packaging and labeling with delivery conditions

         Sort of marriage 

         Sorting of marriage is sorting of goods according to certain (several or one) criteria of check, thus our inspector carries out control according to requirements of normative documentation for a specific type of goods. In case of detection of other defects not specified in the task, the inspector is obliged to notify the customer and receive additional instructions. Sorting of defects can be selective or 100% depending on the quantity of goods to be checked.


         What product groups do we specialize in:

  • Industrial pipe fittings

  • Ball valve

  • Stop valve

  • Check valve

  • Wedge gate valve

  • Gate valves

  • Control valve

  • Disk shutter 

  • Actuator to pipe fittings:

  • Electric, pneumatic, manual

  • Control devices for pipe fittings

  • Valve positioner

  • Solenoid valve

  • Booster relays

  • Filter regulator

  • Level sensor

  • Pressure sensor

  • Flowmeters


       We hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

        Please contact us by email     info@tk-prof.ru

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